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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The next step in Bash

Ok, It is most important to know how and when to upgrade your software
First open up Bash (Terminal)
and type in "sudo apt-get upgrade"
This tells your computer to search for upgrades for the software that is currently installed.
However if you are running Ubuntu Linux or most other flavors of linux. The update manager will run every now and then. (as in interrupted my typing.)

The next think Im going to talk about it WINE.
WINE is a windows emlator for linux
to get wine, open up bash, and type.
"sudo apt-get install wine"
it should look like this "david@david-laptop:~$ sudo apt-get install wine"
After it installs, it will add extensions to the menu bar.

To Install .exe file.
1.Right click on the file. click property's, click the Permissions tab, and check the Run as application box.
2. Right click and click run with WINE windows executable file.
3. Go through the install steps.
Once finished, there should be an icon on your desktop that looks like a piece of parchment with code on it. If so, repeat the step 1 on that icon.
The parchment should turn into what ever icon the application has.
Congratz you now have windows programs on Linux,


  1. Alright you have my attention and I'm following,.

  2. Thanks a bunch. Let me know what you want to learn in future tutorials.