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Saturday, October 2, 2010

XChat on Ubnutu

This tutorial is on installing Xchat on Ubuntu.
What is XChat you might be wondering. if your new. Is an IRC chat medium for Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Key Term

  • IRC: Internet Relay Chat. is a form of real-time Internet text messaging (chat) or synchronous conferencing.
  1. Open up Bash (Terminal)
  2. type in (sudo apt-get install xchat) it should look like this "david@david-laptop:~$ sudo apt-get install xchat"
  3. The terminal will then search the repository's for xchat. It will ask you if you want to confirm the changes.
  4. Once is is done installing. Press "Applications" Then goto the internet tab, and find XChat on the list.
  5. Once it pops up there will be 2 windows. Onw with a bunch of text boxes such as "nick name," "server name" etc. etc
  6. Press Connect. Then in the other window. In the text box at the buttom type in "/server" A window will pop up, asking you to join a channel. click ok.
Breaking down Step 6. so you can understand it.
  • /server: tells the client, what server you want to join
  • the name of the server that you want to connect to.

     7. Then type in "/join #blogger 12345"

Breaking down step 7. so you can understand it.
  • /join: tells the server you want to join a server
  • #blogger: the hash is to tell the /join command that this is the channel you want to join. #blogger is my private channel. Come join it any time. #ubuntu is a different channel. Not mine. (Unfortunately)
  • 12345: What ever you type after the channel. The command will read it as the channel password.
Once you have joined the server you will be labeled as "Unidentified9237492" or some random number.
to change your name type in "/nick whatever" this will change your name to what ever you set it as.

To the right of the XChat window you will see a list of users.
Those are who else is in the room.

I hope this has helped you basics know how to reach me at anytime.
Comment and let me know what to teach on the next post.


  1. Or you could just use mibbit and not have to worry about installing an IRC client.

  2. Or you could be lijit. Plus Im here to help Ubuntu users.

  3. Thanks :) I was looking for a new IRC client

  4. Oh sweet, I'll check this out on my Ubuntu OS later.

  5. Thanks, I will be using this later

  6. OWW sorry but Ubuntu does not sound that easy xD thanks for the help though!!

  7. Thats cool, I still do it to help those who need it.

  8. i just got into ubuntu from using windows all of my life. its cool, but a hard transition. the big problem is, my computer seems to be running slow. any ideas?

  9. Ya, Delete system32. Literally. If you havent wiped windows off the comp you should.

  10. xchat is one of the better IRC clients

  11. Cool guide, personally I prefer Pidgin because it is more than just an IRC chat client.

  12. Very nice guide.

    Bookmarked for when I get my new computer.

  13. my other laptop is running ubuntu and so far i love it. keep up the good work.

  14. I've been wanting to use ubuntu, but some of it is a bit tough when you're used to windows, thanks for the tutorial man :D

  15. I haven't tried Ubuntu before, maybe in the future

  16. need to get my ass back on linux...

  17. I have heard of Linux but dont know much ... wheres a good place for a noob to learn?

  18. The best way to learn, just like swimming. Is to just dive on in.

  19. @Jon: is a good place to start. You can also just google "linux"

    I personally use #! "Statler" based on debian testing. I love it although I'm considering switching to something else. I might go back to Xubuntu if the sound in skype bug somehow magically works itself out. The irony is that Debian testing is more stable than ubuntu stable. /fatcomment

  20. You run Ubuntu? I tried to get it to work on my laptop but god, it was just too confusing for me :(

  21. @Community
    Of course I run Ubuntu.
    Its the best.
    Idk why it wouldn't work on your laptop.
    Mine is a 5 year old crapper. But its a beast with ubuntu on it.

  22. Meh I'll stick to Windows

  23. I too will stick to Windows, but Linux is interesting!

  24. Thanks mna! just started to follow you. I use unix at work and this is very helpful! Ill be checking back daily for more :)

  25. I got lost halfway through, but I think I'll figure it out :P

  26. too much learning required for me to switch OS's